Increase Penis Size with The Priapus Shot

By June 24, 2017Articles

In 2010, Dr. Charles Runels, M.D., an Alabama internist with a thriving cosmetic practice, had a flash of insight that has revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Dr. Runels’ epiphany also provides men with a proven way to increase penis size.

When the light bulb went on, Dr. Runels was having a conversation with a sales rep for a company that manufactures centrifuges and injection kits for PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. What Runels realized was the same platelet-derived growth factors in PRP that increase blood flow and tissue volume in skin — as well as the revitalize collagen and other connective tissue — would probably regenerate similar tissue in the penis as well.

He was right, and named this new procedure after Greek god of fertility.

The Priapus Shot is a form of PRP therapy. It takes advantage of the restorative and regenerative qualities of the growth factors produced by blood platelets. The Priapus Shot consists of six PRP injections directly into the penis. (The penis is numbed first by a topical anesthetic cream, so the patient feels no pain.)

To read a more complete story about the invention of the Priapus Shot, including how Dr. Runels tried the procedure on himself first before offering it to his patients, click here.

The Results of the Priapus Shot

The following points summarize the anecdotal evidence from hundreds of patients who have already received the Priapus Shot:

  • Improves erection quality by 98 percent (an average increase of 5-points on the 25-point scale used by doctors to measure erection quality)
  • More than 60 percent report at least a half-inch increase in penis size when used in conjunction with a penis vacuum pump
  • Feeling like they’ve turned back to clock on their sex life
  • The increased blood flow allows erections to happen faster and with a greater sense of pleasure — without the side effects common with oral ED medications like Viagra.
  • Since PRP is derived from the patient’s own body, allergic reactions or systemic side effects have never been reported.
  • Takes one-three weeks to see results; full effects are achieved within three months
  • Effects typically last over a year.
  • Compared to other ED treatments, the Priapus Shot™ is cost effective and convenient.

The Priapus Shot also has the following advantages over Viagra and other oral ED medications:

  • No pills, prescriptions, or refills required (“Honey, have you seen my …”)
  • Opens new blood flow within the penis — but not the rest of the body
  • No side effects
  • Measurable male enhancement (especially when used in conjunction with a penis vacuum pump).

Size Matters

Since inventing the Priapus Shot, Dr. Runels has observed that the men who use the penis vacuum pump see the largest increase in penis size. “It’s like taking steroids. If you don’t lift weights while you’re taking them, you won’t get any bigger.”

Of the men who use the penis vacuum pump, the average increase in penis size was half an inch; however, some men received gains of up to one and half inches.
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