The human endocrine (hormone) system is a self-contained molecular super highway. The eight glands of the endocrine system act like an interconnected series of tollbooths that communicate with each other via hormones to regulate the flow of traffic along this highway.

If there is either too little or too much of a particular type of traffic (the hormones insulin or estrogen, for example), then the tollbooths either restrict or release the flow of other hormones to regulate the traffic and keep our bodies humming along in harmony. This process is called “homeostasis,” and it is designed to maintain all the biochemical interactions in our bodies within certain healthy ranges.

As with all highways, traffic along the hormone super highway runs smoothly until there’s too much traffic, an accident, a tollbooth malfunction, or the toll workers go on strike. When these types of problems occur, our bodies use all the tools at their disposal (hormones and other molecules) to reestablish homeostasis

And sometimes the body needs a little help.

That’s where Great Alchemy comes in. Our team of medical professionals has over 50 years of combined experience in using hormone therapy to help men and women restore their youthful luster and passion for life. We’re not magicians. We can’t turn back time, but we can help you regain healthy hormone levels.

Once your hormone levels are in the right range again, you’ll look better, lose weight, become more active (not to mention attractive), and basically feel like your old self again. The transformation can be miraculous.

We focus on four areas of hormone therapy:

  1. Adrenal function
  2. Thyroid function
  3. Gonadal function (ovaries and testes)
  4. Pancreatic function

Going back to the analogy of the molecular super highway, changes at any of the tollbooths (glands) affects all the other ones. For example, if you’re feeling burned out from enduring too much stress for too long (long hours at work, strained relationships, money issues, family problems, and so on), your adrenal glands are probably depleted. In this case, one of the tollbooths can’t keep up with the traffic. Your pituitary glad will continue to release hormones that stimulate your adrenal glands, but if the adrenals are tapped out — they don’t have anything left to give.

Tired adrenal glands also affect your liver, kidneys, muscles, and brain function.

As this happens, all the other endocrine glands shift their hormone output to compensate for the depleted adrenals. If this condition persists, your thyroid gland will also shut down so your body doesn’t spin out of control. This interconnectivity is why it is so important to maintain healthy hormone levels.

Fortunately, once we’ve isolated the problem, jump starting your endocrine system can be remarkably simple. For example, once your adrenal glands are back to normal, all the other endocrine glands shift their hormone production, and the entire system goes back to the smooth sailing of homeostasis.

For more information about how hormone therapy can help you restore your energy and balance, please contact Great Alchemy at 303-554-4444 to set up an appointment with our medical team.